Discover the Therapeutic Benefits of Essential Oil Powders

Healthy Skin Comfort

Healthy Skin Comfort

Healthy Skin Comfort is a pleasantly scented impalpable white powder, formulated with microdrops of natural essential oils microencapsulated in a polysaccharide. The microencapsulation of the essential oils facilitates their gradual penetration into the skin. In this way the essential oils act only where they are applied.

7 Essential Oils Of Healthy Skin Comfort

All the ingredients of Healthy Skin Comfort are of natural origin

The Essential Oils Of Healthy Skin Comfort Do Not Contain Gmo, Neither Residual Solvents Nor Residual Contaminants

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The reasons why essential oils are more easily absorbed by the skin after being made into powder are as follows:

01. Increased surface area:

Essential oil powder has a larger surface area. Compared with essential oils in a liquid state, more fine particles come into contact with the skin surface, which increases the contact area with the skin and facilitates absorption.

02. Penetration enhancement:

essential oil powder forms a thin film on the skin, which can increase the skin’s permeability to essential oil components and promote the penetration of active ingredients into the deep layer of the skin.

03. Quick dissolution:

The essential oil powder dissolves quickly with the skin, which can release the active ingredients quickly, making it easier to be absorbed by the skin.

04. Low viscosity:

Compared with ordinary oils, essential oil powders usually have lower viscosity, are lighter and non-greasy, and make the skin absorb more quickly.

The unique composition of essential oil powders allows them to be easily incorporated into a variety of products, including skin care, beauty, health care and aromatherapy. Its extended shelf life and easy blending capabilities redefine the way people experience and benefit from essential oils.